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Minoxidil is a drug effective in the treatment of both male and female pattern hair loss (genetic hair loss).

It was originally used in tablet form to treat high blood pressure but a side effect was increased hair growth over the body.

This interest in this side effect resulted in clinical trials which eventually proved the drug is effective in slowing or halting the progression of genetic hair loss and often generates worthwhile visible improvement.

It is easy and very safe to use.

It has to be used twice daily and improvement will only be maintained with consistent use.

When purchased a full description of use and application will be enclosed.

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Before and after photo of female hair loss treatment

Before starting treatment with Minoxidil, my hair had gone very thin and my scalp was very visible throughout the top of my head.

After about eight months, it was obvious my hair was improving and I have had considerable regrowth. I have now been using Minoxidil for several years and my growth has maintained really well. I do not worry about my hair anymore and I am more confident.
Diane, Wrexham

Before and after photo of male hair loss treatment

I started to notice hair thinning in my late teenage years and by the time I was twenty two, I had gone very thin on the top of my head. Most of my uncles and my father had gone bald before they were thirty and so I knew what was going to happen to me.

Christine recommended a tablet called Propecia and a lotion called Minoxidil. After eight months there was sign of improvement which has continued to get better. My hair will never go back to what it was but I am much happier and people would not think I had male pattern hair loss now.
Tariq, Liverpool

Before and after photo of male hair loss treatment

When I was 44 and a father to toddler twins, I thought my hair loss was probably stress induced. I had the typical male pattern balding and I was getting thinner by the month so decided to be proactive and started treatment with topical Minoxidil and Propecia.

I had considerable improvement in my hair growth and coverage which has maintained to this day - I’m delighted with the results!
Hugh, Wirral


What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a drug licensed to treat genetic hair loss in both males and females. It was originally used in tablet form to lower blood pressure and a side effect was hair growth on the body. This resulted in many clinical trials to see if could work when applied in lotion form to the scalp.

The trials proved effective and it has now been used for many years worldwide to help minimise genetic hair loss.

How does it work?

It is still not yet fully understood how Minoxidil works but it appears to enter cells in the base of the hair follicle and promote a longer growth phase.

Is it safe?

Yes Minoxidil is safe and easy to use.Very rarely it may cause localised irritation which will stop within a few days of stopping use. In the first few weeks of use, some users may experience a little more hair shedding. This is nothing to worry about and will stop within a few weeks.

When can I expect improvement?

Everyone is different as to when they may feel Minoxidil is beginning to work. For some people it is apparent within three months, for some people it may take longer. Usually there is sign of improvement within six months. Some users will notice a reduction in their hair shedding as a first sign, some users will first notice visual improvement in the hair texture.

Are there any considerations?

Minoxidil HAS to be used consistently TWICE daily to maintain improvement. When usage is stopped, the natural hair thinning will return over a period of a few months.

How can I obtain Minoxidil?

Because 2% and 5% Minoxidil do not require a prescription, you can obtain Minoxidil from our website by using the product links at the bottom of the page. Full instructions on how to use the treatment are included in your order.

Do you have any recommendations?

We recommend you take good photographs from various angles for the purpose of comparison as you progress through your first year of treatment. Usually six monthly photographs are adequate.

Remember, Minoxidil is NOT going to work overnight. It takes time and patience.

Should you have any concerns, you can contact us to speak to one of our team.

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