Photo showing receeding hair line and baldness


Woman looking at hair loss on hair brush

How long will my consultation take?

Usually no less than an hour for the initial consultation which is very comprehensive and informative. Follow up appointments are usually 15 - 20 minutes long. How many appointments may be required can only be determined after the initial consultation.

How do I make an appointment?

You can ring the clinic on 01244 573900 and speak to either Helen Hodgson or Caroline Thomas to make your appointment.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my first consultation?

Ideally you would bring the results of any recent blood tests you may have had. You can request copies from your G.P. If you are currently taking medication, please bring a copy of your prescription particularly if it is a repeat prescription from your GP.

Will any procedures be performed at my consultation?

You will not undergo any procedure during your consultation especially those that are unpleasant such as hair epilation.

Can I shampoo and condition my hair as usual when experiencing hair loss?

Shampooing has no direct effect on hair that is falling out. Shampoos are merely detergents and cannot cause hair loss. The same applies to conditioners. Most people notice hair loss when they are shampooing, but this is because they are focused on the procedure and hairs that are about to fall out anyway will be prompted to do so by the massage and combing movement.

Woman having her hair coloured

Can I colour my hair as normal?

I prefer patients to seek appropriate advice regarding hair loss prior to undergoing colouring or other chemical processes. Once the cause has been established it is usually acceptable for patients to undergo their normal hair dressing procedure. This does however depend on the cause of the hair loss.

Can I continue to style my hair and use styling products?

Generally, it is acceptable to continue managing your hair as usual. However, in severe cases of hair loss patients find this too distressing particularly if extreme amounts of hair are being shed during styling.

If a patient is very distressed, I usually recommend natural drying following shampooing and conditioning.

Man looking at his receeding hair in the mirror

If I think a medicine has caused my hair loss should I stop using it immediately?

It is never wise to stop any prescribed medication without the appropriate advice. You will be advised at consultation as to the risk of hair loss as a side effect of certain drugs.

Is there anything I can buy over the counter in the meantime?

It is not advisable to self- treat. Not only can it be an expensive and inappropriate exercise, generally nothing available over the counter can help with most types of hair loss. Only when hair loss has been diagnosed can appropriate treatment be dispensed.

What is the cost of consultation?

An hour- long consultation is £150, a follow up is £30. For many patients who are prescribed private prescription medications, the costs of prescribing and follow up appointments is included in their prescription charge.

Do I have to get a prescription from my GP?

Any private prescription drugs used for hair loss are prescribed in-house by Dr Mark Griffiths thereby eliminating the need to pay private prescription charges from your GP.