Man checking his hairline

Hair Loss Introduction

There are hundreds of different causes and categories of hair loss. It is therefore no surprise the average sufferer of hair loss cannot find appropriate answers when attempting to self-diagnose and self-treat.

An accurate diagnosis is key to a successful outcome whether the hair loss is temporary, genetic or as the result of an underlying disease.

The cause of a hair loss is sometimes glaringly obvious from the way the hair loss is presenting. Often there are several factors contributing to the problem and each one needs managing to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

There are no miracle drugs or miracle cures. This does not mean however that sufferers cannot be helped and the hair loss be significantly improved provided the appropriate treatments are determined from an accurate diagnosis.

Commonly, patients are as distressed about the lack of information as they are about their hair loss.

This website is designed to try and provide information and we are keen to constantly update the site. Should you have any suggestions as to additional information you would like to access on our site please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to add any subjects for the reader’s benefit.

This site is generalised and cannot replace a one to one consultation but we hope it provides you with a comprehensive overview of the common problems we see day to day in clinic.